Warren and Anna started Perdue Studios in Boone, NC around 1999.  With a degree in furniture design under his belt, Warren attended Appalachian State University's Art program.  He fine tuned his ability to work with steel.  Anna added her business skills and ability to work with stained glass to help the business grow.   Their work helped several King St. businesses become staples of Boone.

In 2006 they made the jump to Asheville.  Warren and Anna's ability to listen to their clients needs have propelled their business forward.  Works can be found in many retail, commercial and residential sights around the Asheville area.  Perdue Studios relies solely on word of mouth and customer recommendations.  Their business has grown because of quality work and satisfied customers.  Warren and Anna are happy to call Asheville their home!

For inquires please contact Anna at Anna@perdue-studios.com